Our Story

ExperTrace Investigations is a company built on strong work ethics, perseverance, a compassion for people, the ability to look at things from every angle, and a “never give up” attitude. We believe there is an alternate solution for most everything and we will stop at nothing to find it!

Our founder, Diane Hellmer, discovered her passion for the investigative during her 12 year career as a television producer. As part of the workhorse of the industry, Ms. Hellmer’s duties often included identifying people in obscure videos, tracking down missing persons, locating lost footage, reuniting birth families, problem-solving and thinking outside of the box – “whatever it takes to make it happen!” Besides these everyday tasks, Ms. Hellmer was also trained to conduct background checks (under the guidance of a licensed P.I.) on cast members appearing on TV shows since 2003.

In 2005, Ms. Hellmer received professional training from an expert genealogist and successfully reunited adoptees and birth families for a television show project. Four years later, she led the search team for yet another adoption-related TV show on ABC titled, “Find My Family.” Her passion for locating and reuniting people never waned and she continued working with those searching during her spare time over the years. Finally, an overwhelming desire took over and she decided her career needed to take a detour into the field of private investigations, which eventually led to the birth of ExperTrace Investigations in 2012!

Our founder’s rewarding experiences further developed into a love and interest for ancestry/genealogy, which also inspired her to fill the empty branches of her own family tree. As the daughter of an adoptee (her father) , she discovered that completing the empty side of her family tree fulfilled not only a curiosity, but also created a feeling of well-being. In the near future, she plans to continue her search for relatives she has recently discovered living on the other side of the world!

Here at ExperTrace Investigations, we rely on a variety of resources from our own Internet Savvy researchers to our nationwide network of contacts ranging from law enforcement, genealogists and other experts to communities of everyday people in society who often are the ones holding the key! When searching for solutions, we not only rely on the technology at our fingertips, but we also value our expertise when it comes to good old-fashioned footwork!

Welcome to ExperTrace Investigations! 

Our founder, Diane Hellmer’s background includes: B.A. Journalism, minor in Speech Comm, CSUF, Cum Laude. Certified Private Investigator, Professional training, CSUF (Top 25 Investigation Schools). A Licensed Private Investigator in CA (#27932).

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