Expert Genealogical Investigations  

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ExperTrace Investigations has more than 35 years of combined experience in providing investigative and search solutions for clients nationwide. Our private investigators have access to the most advanced technological resources and we know where to look if your case requires a careful hand search of archives. Whatever it takes, we will leave no stone unturned in order to obtain the evidence you need! 

Establish Your Genealogical Roots   

If you are someone on an ancestral quest and looking for evidence to establish your genealogical roots for collecting your heirloom rights; or want to trace your Native American heritage, we are the right company for you. We will travel back in time to the history of your ancestors in order to find the minute of details about your lineage and the information you need to establish it.

Make a Call in Time!

Don’t think of getting an investigation done when it’s too late! Act smart and call us now to get on-time intelligent assistance by your side.